Friday, November 10, 2017

a short story

This night i wanna tell short story...

I have no experience about how to be good "at the section". Why? Because, i had made limit for it. But, it didnt mean that i didnt have "good idea" about it. I have already known what a useful it for me. And also, because of it, a few years later i changed my mind. 

Time flies and it didnt work to be good. I was being confused, why? Anything got wrong here? I had been already good for whole it. 

I thought harder...

And this night probably i can get the conclusion for all of it

I believe how God works, for many years who i wasted, i was only got the bad news for this section, maybe God knows that my way is not here. 

And maybe, God makes this section being complicated to anything, in order to, i realize that he knows how should happen,  so why i am too busy search of it? 

Dont you believe?


Can't you be patient?

Until this story will be the end, i am still ask and talk to my self, how this fact is real.

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