Wednesday, November 08, 2017

I am so Fall in Love

Do you ever fall in love with someone? Yes? Good, falling in love is the greatest gift from God to us. But do you ever fall in love with a song? No? You should try it and feel it. 

Did you remember that i ever posted about Banda Neira? A group band who there is two main people? Ya, sure you remember.

I love many songs of Banda Neira. Each i listen all of the songs of them i feel so calm. They have good music instrument and maybe of it them songs be cool and easy listening to a person who have melancholic personality, thats right, like me.

When i write this story, i am listening Banda Neira's song, thats right, it is Langit dan Laut. I am so falling in love with this song. Besides the music, Banda Neira always can make the good lyric of their song. Langit dan Laut is the song who tell about how people can not talk to human, but they always can talk to sky and sea. Although them is inaminate objects but when you talk to them like you are scream as loud as you want, they always give you a room to express what your feel. 

Banda Neira also talk about how the waves be like about your strength and weakness, until you can not talk again how to tell about your many story, but finally you make your stories fly to the sky and drowning into the sea.

But ya, the secrets of your stories always be secret, because as you know, sky and sea just an inaminte object who can not reply your stories altought you are scream louder. 

Langit dan Laut
dan hal-hal yang tak kita bicarakan
Biar jadi rahasia
Menyublim ke udara
Sesakkan jiwa

Banda Neira


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