Saturday, December 09, 2017

Time is Over, Limit is End

For me, struggle to make something always hold on is duty. Why? Just because, ya that is me. Thats my personality. So, sure, you are guys who have known me, realize that how i am. 
Maybe some people think i am crazy, but i try to dont care about that. Because, ya you are never know the full of this story. And i believe with my plot, so i will survive. 

But, you know? Life dont always give the best way to us even to survive with our choice. They give any mud to test us how many time and how strong we are to survive. 

I realize, to make people always stay is difficult, besides make ourself survive to accept the reality. It is not easy. When you have tried to be calm, patient and things only to make yourself survive, sometimes there are many knife in your body, why? Because you are trying to be emphaty and accept anything, you forget everything. You try to forget how the hurting it is, how the shameful, but you just want to try survive, because you believe what you believed 

And the bad news, not at all people whom know about it. They dont know how struggle you are to making it always be good. 

And that make you change your mind. Change your way. Change your way to look this. You want them know that you have anger too. You have limit. You have feel of nauseated. You feel what everyone feel too. Maybe, the difference of its, you try to be good, calm and patient for some times and when you feel nauseated, you have to show them how it works, and while, others like to be fast to giving know others how their feel. 

So, i want you to know (again) i am human, i have the limit, and i think this is the good times to end this moments. 

Actually, i hate a separation, i hate leaving, i hate anything about that, but i realize, if it is never do, you are never know that i am human, i am not stupid, i knew anything what you had done. I wanna you know that, without you, i am okay, without you i am alive.

And once again, why i have survived until now and soon will be end? Because i need it. And what i dont need it again?  I Need! Until i die, i need it, but i believe i will get it from other ways. 

So, i think, the last words who i wanna say to you, only : good bye. 


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